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A Guide to Lawn Aeration

A recently aerated lawn may look odd, but landscaping experts know that aeration is a terrific way to keep the lawn looking healthy, lush, and green. In this guide, customers will learn more about lawn aeration and why it’s so important.
What Is Aeration?
For a home’s lawn to be healthy, it needs three things: nutrients, air, and water. However, problems such as thatch and compacted soil can prevent grass roots from getting the nourishment they need. When a lawn is properly aerated, it’s easier for the grass roots to get air, and the holes make a path for nutrients and water to get down to those roots.

How to Tell if a Lawn Needs to Be Aerated
Any lawn can benefit from aeration, but some may need treatment more than others. If a lawn has heavy foot traffic, the soil’s likely to be compacted and in need of aeration. Furthermore, a lawn established with sod may have root development issues. Look for the following signs to determine the need for aeration.

Lawns with standing water not left…