A Guide to Lawn Aeration

A recently aerated lawn may look odd, but landscaping experts know that aeration is a terrific way to keep the lawn looking healthy, lush, and green. In this guide, customers will learn more about lawn aeration and why it’s so important.

What Is Aeration?

For a home’s lawn to be healthy, it needs three things: nutrients, air, and water. However, problems such as thatch and compacted soil can prevent grass roots from getting the nourishment they need. When a lawn is properly aerated, it’s easier for the grass roots to get air, and the holes make a path for nutrients and water to get down to those roots.

How to Tell if a Lawn Needs to Be Aerated

Any lawn can benefit from aeration, but some may need treatment more than others. If a lawn has heavy foot traffic, the soil’s likely to be compacted and in need of aeration. Furthermore, a lawn established with sod may have root development issues. Look for the following signs to determine the need for aeration.

Lawns with standing water not left by a heavy rain

Patches that don’t stay moist

Excessive runoff

Thin and patchy areas

Thick thatch layers

An overgrowth of clover

A springy or spongy feel

If there’s still doubt, a local landscaping company can provide a thorough evaluation, care recommendations, and aeration services when necessary.

When Is the Best Time to Aerate, and How Often Should it Be Done?

For optimal results, the experts recommend aeration in the growing season, because it gives grass enough time to grow in thicker and healthier. If the lawn has warm season grass, which is quite common in Myrtle Beach, spring is the right time to aerate. Generally, once-yearly aeration is sufficient. However, if the soil is sandy, biyearly aeration may be appropriate, while dry-climate lawns should be aerated every six months. If sod has just been installed, it’s wise to wait a full year before aerating the lawn so the roots have time to establish themselves.

Is DIY Aeration Possible?

The short answer is yes, but DIY lawn aeration takes a great deal of effort. Home tools aren’t as effective as those used by professional landscapers, and the results aren’t as good, either. In fact, DIY efforts can, in some cases, compact the soil even further. Call the team at Super-Natural Landscaping to schedule a consultation or visit them at myrtle-beach-landscaping.com for more information on their products and services.


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